ICT - The key for active and healty life

ICT - The key for active and healty life

Our new project is for an active and healty life for seniors with using apps and programmes of smart phones and tablets. The 21 month project begins with the partner meeting in Warsaw. 

The presented newsletters of the project are here

The movie about Zeitbank is here.

CIT for Seniors

CIT for seniors Ecosynergy

Can computers and the internet be tools that facilitate communication, discussions and actions among senior citizens? Can the Internet provide more knowledge about pollution and the environment's protection? These questions will be answered by our latest project “CIT for seniors ecosynergy”.

'Senior citizens for ecology and a sustainable development' is the motto of the project realized within the European Erasmus Plus Program “Long Life learning”. The project is a collaboration of three NGOs: Poland - Social Ecological Institute (www.sie.org.pl), Sweden- MobilEducation (www.mobileducation.se), Turkey - TROY Environmental Association (http://troyacevre.webs.com) and the Center for Adult Education in Austria - SPES Zukunftsakademie (www.spes.co.at).

The aim of this international partnership is the exchange of experiences, knowledge, most efficient practices with the result aiming at developing innovative approaches and teaching methods that motivate seniors and break the mental barriers in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT).

The final results of the project will be the project's website www.ecosynergy50plus.com, a Handbook of ICT for eco-seniors, which will contain a summary of most efficient practices, most valuable experiences shared by the partners, as well as information on the use of ICT in everyday life. There will also be a blog - daily eco-seniors, which will be run by senior citizens interested in environmental issues.

You can find the newsletters and data base of the project here

işini Güneşe Dön

A project about youth imployment for the renewable energy sector. We are one of the project partners by the project. In the link you can find the first press conference in the web page of the South Marmara Development Agency (GMKA). 

F for Friendship

A youth project with the partnership in Thassos Iseland in Greece. The project is an artistical fiew to the young members of bouth organisations. Non Formal Group “forward it” in the frame of the European Program “Youth in Action” , and the collaboration of Troy Young Environmental Association, organized the youth exchange “F for Friend-ship” from 20-29 of June 2013. Twenty four participants from Greece and Tur-key were hosted for 10 days in Thasos Island. During the project the young peo-ple had the opportunity to develop com-mon issues of concern in relation to dis-crimination and racism, collaborate and communicate in order to promote the tol-erance and mutual understanding between the two countries. The result of this col-laboration is the group photography exhi-bition which was hosted in Thasos town till 30th of June. The young people through the photos want to send a strong message against racism and forms of dis-crimination that exist in the societies of the participating countries. The exhibition was also hosted in Canakkale. 


Project "Foodprint.Eu" is a Grundtvig Learning Partnership project, is financed from the Turkish National Agency in 2012. Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Finnland, Romania, Greece, Estonia and Turkey are the partners of these project. 

Common goals and ecological and social values have brought us together to create an innovative Learning Partnership project, Foodprint.eu, based on the resource of culinary traditions and diversity of customs, as European heritage, to create an all-inclusive active citizenship towards a stronger European identity and a sustainable European future. We intend to reinforce within our curriculum good practices by resorting to traditions combined with avant-garde techniques to initiate a spirit of entrepreneurship and by sharing the best uses of our on-going educational projects while focussing on those who are at a higher risk of social exclusion and enabling youths and elders, in a multi-cultural context, to exchange tradition and latest trends through volunteering. We aim to weave a stable network where partners offer input on processing of regional products, biological methods of production, renewable energy production and energy saving, wise food choices and the value of rural life and traditions. The improvement of specific and technical language (English) related to the project topics will be acquired by both staff and learners. A documentary in all the partners’ languages plus English will be recorded and posted on the net in addition to a database with recipes and products. On our planned webpage/blog one may access food stories, songs and proverbs and a multi-lingual specific food dictionary. Many of our results and outcomes will be achieved thanks to our seniors’ knowledge, thus allowing them to feel activated. A unique European Foodprint Fair will be held and good practices disseminated through all our products and especially at our last fair in Spain when we intend to have attracted the European media to cover an event inside prison walls for the first time. 

Start 50+

Project Sharing Tradition, Agriculture, Resorces, Time (START) 50+ is a Grundtvig Volunteering project and financed by the Turkish National Agency and the Polish National Agency in 2012. The Polish partner DDOiR is working for Food security and biodiversity. 

The aim of this Project is to START a new quality and dimension of the polish-Turkish relationships and especially between the generation 50+. START means: sharing traditions, agriculture, resources and time – the objective is cooperation between two group of seniors, who through their volunteers work for the partner organization (using experience and knowledge) will support each others in their efforts to preserve the most important values of the rural areas of their region and countries.

Both partner have foreseen tools to build up a permanent contact and discussion web platform - ICT and language workshops and Multilanguage dictionary with specific word related to the project topic. The volunteers work (in total 720 h) will help in each partners activities: management of gene bank and old fruit varieties collection, conferences and seminars about organic farming and agro-biodiversity. The joint work will also break down the barrier of age and mentality. 6 open meetings with local communities and media participation will promote the project and volunteering idea. The intercultural dialog will be enhanced through joint preparation and participation in traditional events and learning of partners national language during the volunteers stay. A result of seniors volunteers joint work coming from such different countries, form other cultures, with different traditions, experience and knowledge is will strengthen the European integration.

Femmes Et Migration

You can find our project book in these link. So you can learn and read everything about the project.